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wearsapinafore's Journal

17 March 1989
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1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, accents, acting, agatha christie, alan menken, alan rickman, alfred hitchcock, alice in wonderland, amy adams, anne of green gables, art, audrey hepburn, barbra streisand, beauty and the beast, bernadette peters, bones, books, booth, brennan, bringing up baby, british accents, broadway, broadway shows, carol burnett, cary grant, casablanca, charlotte bronte, clark gable, classic actresses, classic films, classic hollywood, classic moives, classic movies, classical music, classics, colin firth, costume dramas, debbie reynolds, disney, disney movies, dresses, elizabeth bennet, emma thompson, enchanted, england, english literature, europe, film, fitzwilliam darcy, foreign films, france, frank sinatra, fred astaire, fred astarie, french, gene kelly, george gershwin, gone with the wind, grace kelly, greer garson, gregory peck, greta garbo, harry potter, high waisted skirts, hitchcock, hollywood, house, hugh grant, hugh laurie, humphrey bogart, icons, ingrid bergman, into the woods, ipods, it's a wonderful life, james stewart, jane austen, jane bennet, jane eyre, jazz, jennifer ehle, jimmy stewart, judy garland, julie andrews, julie walters, katherine hepburn, lauren bacall, laurence olivier, literature, lizzie bennet, london, lucille ball, maggie smith, makeup, marilyn monroe, mary poppins, meryl streep, monty python, movies, mr darcy, mr. darcy, musicals, northanger abbey, notorious, ny, nyc, old movies, opera, oscar wilde, paris, period dramas, period films, playing the piano, plays, pride and prejudice, reading, red lipstick, roman holiday, sabrina, seeley booth, sense and sensibility, severus snape, shakespeare, sheet music, singin in the rain, singing, sound of music, stephen schwartz, stephen sondheim, temperance brennan, the breakfast club, the little mermaid, the philadelphia story, the phildelphia story, the west wing, the wizard of oz, theatre, traveling, vintage, vintage photos, vivien leigh, walt disney, wicked, wuthering heights