September 7th, 2008

david and emily

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oh dear. i can't make my header work :( anyone know anything about html?

EDIT: i fixed it :) all by myself. i'm happy now!

though i'd say a little bit more about myself now that i have a few friends :)

my name is susan and i have red hair and green eyes. and unfortunely quite a few freckles. just think anne of green gables. i'm 19 and live in ny. i LOVE classic movies mainly of the 40's. i also love broadway musicals and movie musicals (old and new). and i love period drama. oh british television is great.

i love to read classics, mystery, romance, pretty much anything.

umm as far as television goes i watch house, pushing diasies (every now and then) and re-runs of friends, seinfeild and the west wing.

my family consistes of mum, dad and sister. none of whom shall be named. and i have two very very close best friends. and lots of not close at all friends. no boyfriend. one pet bunny who is grey and has floppy ears.

and that's all i will reveal at present :)