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Just because it seems to be a fashionableish thing to do. Plus I get to put a pretty banner here (coming). Plus (it seems) when people with similar interests to you stumble upon your journal, they ask to be friends. Which is nice.

So if you're one of those people please ask away. I'll add you if your intests are like mine, you seem nice and you don't mind endless classic movie talk.
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Hey everyone. I'm moving to

If you still want to be my friend go over there and drop me a comment. Just to let you know, I would like lots of musical theatre and Bones friends. I do still like classic movies but they are no longer my main interest :D See some of you soon :)
david and emily

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oh dear. i can't make my header work :( anyone know anything about html?

EDIT: i fixed it :) all by myself. i'm happy now!

though i'd say a little bit more about myself now that i have a few friends :)

my name is susan and i have red hair and green eyes. and unfortunely quite a few freckles. just think anne of green gables. i'm 19 and live in ny. i LOVE classic movies mainly of the 40's. i also love broadway musicals and movie musicals (old and new). and i love period drama. oh british television is great.

i love to read classics, mystery, romance, pretty much anything.

umm as far as television goes i watch house, pushing diasies (every now and then) and re-runs of friends, seinfeild and the west wing.

my family consistes of mum, dad and sister. none of whom shall be named. and i have two very very close best friends. and lots of not close at all friends. no boyfriend. one pet bunny who is grey and has floppy ears.

and that's all i will reveal at present :)
david and emily


my name is susan and i'm 19 years old and live in upstate new york. this will be mostly for icons which will be posted in a separte community just for the sake of organization. however i may update with stories of life or other randomness here from time to time so if you're interested in reading that type of thing or you share similar interests with me please feel free to friend and i'll friend back. thanks!

icons can be found at <lj user="iconsof1944">